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Human Resources subject matter experts who partner with businesses to maximize organizational effectiveness.


RedSage wants to empower organizations to practice business holistically.

Creating Excellent HR Policies

RedSage Consulting Ltd. is a Calgary-based human resources consulting firm. We are focused on creating excellent human resources policies, workshops, and holistic consulting services. Our family-owned and operated human resources consulting firm focuses on offering custom HR solutions based on your business's unique workplace culture and environment. RedSage Consulting Ltd. is here to provide a holistic approach to human resources by understanding the issue and providing a custom solution.

Our HR Services
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Building Capacity

Unique HR Solutions For Your Organization

We understand that every single workplace is different - from what industry you're in, your management team, and every member of your staff. These factors shape and change your workplace culture. Even companies within the same industry are unique and require a human resources solution tailored to them.

Your workplace culture affects how we will approach any human resources services we're offering as an external consultant. Whether it's to run a workshop, conduct a workplace investigation or handle a workplace issue, we'll find an approach unique to your team.

Our team is here to understand your workplace functions, values, priorities, and core issues before offering a custom solution. At RedSage Consulting Ltd., our goal is to help our clients realize their full potential by providing access to training and development to drive growth within your workplace. Between our human resources development, workshops, and training, we aim to push your business towards becoming a highly efficient, compassionate and effective operation.

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RedSage's Core Values

Built On Five Core Ideas

At RedSage Consulting Ltd. we manage all of our operations and client relations through the use of five core values. Our core values are empowerment, respect, relationships, accountability and integrity. Everything that RedSage does is shaped around these values. You'll find when you work with us that these values are ingrained in all of our practices, services and workshops.

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Mother & Daughter Operation

Lori Craig's unique experience as a Chartered Professional in Human Resources working as a Director with the Stoney Nakoda First Nation gave her a sought after skill set. Lori has successfully worked with Indigenous and non-Indigenous businesses and organizations both in capacity building and overall organizational effectiveness.

RedSage Consulting Ltd. is a family-owned and operated human resources firm, with Lori and her daughter Meagan at the helm. The two aim to provide their expertise to implement HR services to companies while promoting holistic and sustainable solutions for all their clients.

Where Lori brings years of human resources experience and a relational touch and experience working closely with Indigenous groups, Meagan brings a scientific perspective to the operation. RedSage Consulting Ltd. bases much of our work on human resources' relational aspects and in research, data, and evidence-based change structures.

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Custom Human Resource Services

Solutions Created Just For You

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When you're looking for external human resources management and consulting, choose RedSage Consulting Ltd. for a custom human resources experience. We explore your business and your workplace culture before identifying ways to improve your work environment. RedSage Consulting Ltd. focuses on taking a holistic approach towards human resources consulting services to help your workplace become more efficient, respectful and inclusive.

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